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From The Archives: A Excursion Of Sage’s Vag


It is a old school vignette from the 18legitimate.com archives. It used to be primarily featured in 18legitimate Xtra two.

Within the vignette, Sage is antsy to satisfy her rockstar punch. He is been on excursion for per week and hasn’t gotten any cootchie. That is about to switch.

Sage is giggly and a lil’ jumpy, however you rear end inform urchin’s aroused to blow and boink this frontman. Infant screams whilst thirstily eating his lollipop. As soon as he is at utter hardness, Mr. Rockstar guides Sage onto his pillar, and urchin grunts, affected at how packed up urchin perceives. Her bosoms shake as he tears up her from hindquarters. He even will get her within the acrobatic pile-driver stance. And for the overall action, he spunks in every single place her new face. That is now Sage’s beloved spectacle of his.

Date: December 24, 2021